“City On the Underground” Video Now Up

        A couple of weeks ago Dj Kutdown, Mikel Rondeau and I went out around Winnipeg and shot a video for  our song “City on the Underground,” off of the album Fucking Retards. Basically the song is about how grimy our beloved Winnipeg can be. It’s a rough and beautiful place to live. It’s a rough and beautiful song.

The video was directed, shot and edited by the homie Dj Kutdown, who also produced the album. There’s nothing too complex about the video; just Mikel and I rapping the fuck outta shit. So, do me a favour, and please check it out. If you like the song, the rest of the album is pretty much the same, and can be downloaded for free here.


Rob Crooks & Mikel Rondeau “City on the Underground” (video)

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