December 29th

Bazooka Joe (fka John Smith)

Rob Crooks


Spend an enchanting winter’s eve with Eat Em Up Records’ latest release: Schadenfreude, the new album, from Bazooka Joe & Rob Crooks.

Joe & Crooks will perform Schadenfreude in its entirety, live within the cozy confines of Winnipeg’s historic Garrick Hotel Bar.

With supporting performances from Twio, and elusive local soothsayer, Gruf.

Music by Lonnie Ce.

Limited edition Schadenfreude cassettes and merch will be available.
Advance tickets $10

Schadenfreude is proudly brought to you by Marathon Of Dope.

Magnum K.I. in the studio!

         For the past few weeks, Magnum K.I. has been in the studio working hard on our follow up to the 2010 self-titled release on Foultone Records. We’re getting pretty close to being finished and we’re really proud of what we’ve come up with so far. We can’t wait to show it off to all of our existing fans, and the new ones to come! This album takes off where the last one ended, with tons of dance-floor friendly songs, and b-boy anthems.

This time around, however, there is a new dynamic to the group. Not only have we added a new vocalist to the fray, the incomparable Rhonda “Fenom” Thompson; but we also feel like we’ve really found and connected with our audience better than we ever have before. By playing shows all across North America in the past two years, we’ve been able to work out who we are as a group, and how to conduct our live show, fine tuning it to a frequency that perfectly melds us on stage with the audience on the dance-floor. Now we’ve taken that energy that’s been created through our live show into the studio.

As could be expected, our new album fuses old school hip-hop, raw rap, up-beat tempos and catchy hooks, but in a way that we’re not sure has been done before. I don’t want to oversell it though! So, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments and you can find out for yourself soon enough! The new record is expected out early in the new year, followed by live shows any and everywhere we can make it to. There may e a teaser or two before then, so check back here or for updates!




Manitoba Folkways Collection

Folkways Collection     This coming Friday, October 28th, I will be performing at the Manitoba Folkways Collection’s vinyl release party. I was asked to participate in this project by one of the organizers, the lovely Kerri-Lynn Reeves. Basically, the idea for the project was to go around Southern Manitoba looking for folk artists to record, with the goal of archiving the grass-roots music that Manitobans are currently making. Anyways, they can explain it a lot better themselves, I’m sure. If you’re interested, check out there Facebook page here.

So, you may ask why Rob Crooks was asked to record for a folk music collection? After all, there are typically no acoustic instruments involved in my music. But the idea of “folk music” here is thought of in a broader sense than what you may traditionally think of.  In an interview they did for, Manitoba Folkways organizers, Jen Delos Reyes and Kerri-Lynn Reeves, described their idea of folk music like this:

“As Lomax said, if you are singing a song about your own life you are doing what they are doing, you are making folk music. Folk music is quite simply not a genre, but an approach. It is music about the lives and places that people occupy. ”

So, ya. I guess I fit into that description. You can also check out  Kerri-Lynn and I discuss the idea in a video interview that we did for Witchpolice here. Now that you have more information on this show than you could probably ever want, come check it out! Here are the details:




Date: Friday, October 28, 2011
Doors: 8:30pm
Show: 9:15pm
Location: The Lo Pub
Address: 330 Kennedy St, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cover: $10 includes admittance and a copy of the Manitoba Folkways Collection Vol.1 vinyl.

“And when you sing a song about your own lives, you are doing the same thing they do— you are making folk music.” -Alan Lomax, 1915-2002