Sad Rapper Jack

Here is a video for Epic and mine’s new single “Sad Rapper Jack,” from the upcoming album Nassau Manor. The video was filmed in Edmonton and features local rap legends Max Prime and Touch. In January, I moved across the western part of the country to settle in Vancouver for a new job. I was… Continue reading Sad Rapper Jack

Reflective Tape Out Now

On April 1st, Andrew Mbaruk and I released a digital album called Reflective Tape. Andrew is one of my favourite rappers. He is criminally underrated though there are reasons for that. His output is inhuman, releasing multiple projects a month. A few days after we put this project to the public, he had already released… Continue reading Reflective Tape Out Now

superbad visuals

rob crooks: Time and space are both an integral whole / Like accident and substance, spatiotemporal / Fact is that time and space are the same / Like matter and mind, just taken from an advantage that isolates them / Abstracts and violates / Can’t cross space with duration, or a minute without the world… Continue reading superbad visuals


Sometime near the beginning of the pandemic, Kay reached out to let us know his friend and collaborator Kitz Willman would be moving to Winnipeg. Kitz is a unique case of someone who moved here by choice. He recognized what it took me well into my adulthood to appreciate: that Winnipeg and the land it… Continue reading Gazogene

The Empire is in Decline and Growing Weaker by the Day

In January, 2022, Iranian President Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi told President of Nicaragua and leader of the Sandinistas, Daniel Ortega, that “the US is in decline and growing weaker by the day.” This simple statement succinctly summed up the ever more apparent shift in global attitude towards the world’s only superpower and its system of exploitation.… Continue reading The Empire is in Decline and Growing Weaker by the Day