superbad visuals

rob crooks: Time and space are both an integral whole / Like accident and substance, spatiotemporal / Fact is that time and space are the same / Like matter and mind, just taken from an advantage that isolates them / Abstracts and violates / Can’t cross space with duration, or a minute without the world spinning, literally / Moving through space / You can only remove them from each other, separate them into unique objects in imagination for use as tools to discover truth / Don’t fool yourself under the impression / that the eye can hatch fact / Don’t fetishize the abstract / Don’t mechanize the scientific method but respect it, though there’s better ways to question: replace empiricism with the dialectic / Understanding is overburdened with the world that is over determined / Feeling like there’s nowhere to turn when under my feet the world keeps on turning / The past is alive and the future we make as we move through time and space simultaneously

kitz willman: Space and time / Poison ivy and quicksand / The dollars move quickly in the fist of the big hand / Big man / Big bully / Big band / Buddy Rich manhandled the snare stand / Whipped it like a Dodge Caravan / Anchorman / Anger Management / No accident the lesson plan was abstinence / Superbad taught us how to handle it / The sacrament was Wiser bottles from the liquor cabinet / Refill like a palimpsest / Tumbler topped with that orange zest / Old fashioned bullet proof vest / He ground his teeth like cement / “Stop drop and roll” was taught more than basic consent

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