Nomad Covers “Me and All of My Friends”

Nomad covered my latest single and I’m so impressed. He turned my upbeat indie-pop song into the sort of death-folk that I can only dream of making. Check it out:

When you ask one of your favourite contemporary artists to cover one of your songs, you risk the possibility that their cover version will completely eclipse your original. When I asked Nomad to cover “Me and All of My Friends,” this possibility was certainly on my mind. But the chance to have someone I admire so much re-imagine a song I wrote was too much of an intriguing prospect to cower from. I’m happy I asked and I’m even happier he accepted. The result is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been apart of.

Download the whole “Me and All of My Friends” maxi-single here.

Me And All of My Friends Remix by Speed Dial 7

When I was putting together this maxi-single, I wanted to include some remixes. Plus, I wanted my friends to be involved in this project with me. Speed Dial 7 was the first one to return his remix.

I like this remix. The original song is sort of a dancey/indie-pop song. This version slows down the whole feel of it and makes it a little more like a rap song. (It’s the hi–hats.) It makes me feel like I’m in the club with all of my best friends; it’s the end of the night and we’re all drinking Champagne or something, and we’re celebrating because we just accomplished something super huge.”We did it guys! Who woulda thought we’d pull it off? But we really did it!”

This remix makes me feel like we’re all really successful people, the type who set goals for themselves and follow through on them. It’s like we work for ourselves, and we get up really early, at like 5am. Around 7pm we have a scotch and stare out over the city from our skyscraper offices. Then we do some cocaine to keep us working through out the night. Now all that sacrifice has paid off, and we’re sitting in a private room at a fancy Manhattan restaurant. “This was a huge quarter for us, people. We just couldn’t have done it without all your hard work and hours of dedication. Here’s to us and our continued success!”

It makes me feel like I’m in Goodfellas after the big plane heist. Or like I’m in Jay-Z’s “Roc Boy” video or something. We’re all like: “We did it guys! We made it to the top! They’re never going to bring us down now!”

It feels good. Way to  go Speed Dial 7.