Free Sugar Pill Gang!

artworks-000056557959-jf678d-t200x200Sugar pill” is another way of saying “placebo.” So basically we bit the band Placebo really hard because we’re pathetically uncreative. But that’s the point. We are the uncreative creative. Ask yourself: what is creativity? How can you be “creative” when everything’s already been done? All you can do is appropriate and remix. This is the new creativity. This is the remix culture. Don’t tell us what we can and cannot sample. Don’t tell me what art is, or how art is made. We are doing it right now, making art and getting our hands dirty.

Juts kidding. Fuck that.

Doctors and other medical professionals give patients sugar pills because their sickness is in their head. It’s all made up. You’re not really sick, you’re a faker. I’ll give you this sugar pill and you’ll believe you’re being treated for your non-existent illness. You just need attention, don’t you? You’re just a big baby. Take your pill, baby. Take your sugar pill and grow the fuck up.

I think we all know who the last paragraph was directed towards: Speed Dial 7, Pip Skid and Rob Crooks. Speed Dial 7 is from Kortrijk, Belgium, which is an hour or so outside of Brussels. Speed Dial 7 came to Canada a couple years ago to tour his music around the desolate, empty halls of Canada’s experimental hip-hop scene. He stayed in a hopeless Winnipeg for a couple weeks, drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes with the acclimated Pip Skid and Rob Crooks. Rob had some beats. “Why don’t we write some raps and make an album to these beats? We’ll call it Sugar Pill Gang, because we’re all a little sick in the head.”

Greg Macpherson came by and screamed his pent up aggression into a song. Yy and Gruf got busy with different styles. Dj Co-op rapped a verse about how these kids need to learn about stuff. Speed Dial 7 took all this and made it make as much sense as it ever could:

Sugar Pill Gang.

You can download this album for free. Please do.

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